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Learning to Bridge Cultural Divides So You Can Close the Deal

cultural insensitivity

20-50% of International business transactions fail due to cultural insensitivity and the inability to offer context. 

When you can speak your visiting guests “language” and can navigate them through their culture shock, you are offering them a superior business experience. We can show you how to provide a personalized experience to close any international business deal.


the Master Guestmanship Online Course


24/7 training

A flexible, affordable online alternative to face-to-face training

Success rate

Valuable skills to conduct international business with a higher success rate of closing deals


International platform

With like-minded international business people sharing knowledge and experience

Cultural sensitivity training

Tailoring your sales strategy to appeal to businesses from emerging markets


How to find, build and sustain long-lasting relationships with international partners


Understanding cultural differences and how to interact with business partners from different cultures

 4 modules, 65 video’s and more

People who are doing business internationally who wish to

  • limit the risk of failing in their business,
  • improve sales results,
  • who want to learn more about hospitality and cultural sensitivity at the same time.

In this course you will learn, among others:

  • To find similarities and differences between the key partners and business guests,
  • How to deal with the differences,
  • To measure and control the effect of culture differences while doing business,
  • To combine international strategy with your created customer experience,
  • Create a customer journey yourself

The Modules

  1. Re-evaluating your International business sales strategy.
  2. Cultural compass assessment: unpacking similarities and differences when dealing with international business partners and, how to navigate any possible challenges or conflicts.
  3. Measuring and controlling the effects of cultural differences while doing international business deals.
  4. Combining your international business strategy for the ultimate customer experience.

Aligning Your Teams Cultural Compass

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